Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Rally - Still Game

As you know a certain Mr Bunnet is averse to having his fotie taken in Scottish rallying circles and usually avoids such occasions at all costs, but he was captured at Service last weekend on the RSAC Scottish Rally.

The bold lad was beckoned over to the Pearson's of Duns entourage by a smiling Louise Aitken-Walker, a renowned baker of cakes in the Borders region, hence the big lad's dutiful response no doubt, whereupon he was 'arrested' by two burly service crew members and forced to pose without any word of explanation.

Apparently, the ploy had actually been hatched by one Gina Walker Esquiress. Showing scant regard for her elders or any signs of respect for such upstanding denizens of the sport, this rallying newcomer has taken to calling her esteemed service crew 'Jack' and 'Victor'. In  a similar vein she has started referring to Mr Bunnet by a new nickname - Winston!

The fotie is not very good (thank goodness), it was taken by Louise, but you'll get the idea. That's Billy O'Brien on the left and Colin Atchison on the right who are every bit as upset as Mr Bunnet by this callow youth's disrespectful and inappropriate choice of nicknames.

The trouble is, she's a lovely girl and her Mum bakes exceedingly good cakes!


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