Friday, 12 December 2014

Road - Dedication

Testing times. A little bit of snow won’t stop the ‘Auto Trader Van’ team going about their vehicle appraising duty, but the recent snowfall proved quite timely. The latest vehicle undergoing assessment is the new facelifted Renault Master van. But this one has a ‘magic’ button.

The ‘Extended Grip’ function makes use of the standard ESC system to facilitate starting and moving off at low speeds in muddy or icy conditions. Whilst the system is engaged, a small green light flashes on the dash, but once underway it switches itself off.  It doesn’t enable constant two wheel drive or have a limited slip diff, but it comes in awfy handy in the snow too, especially on hills.

Makes you wonder how it would cope dragging a rally car out of a ditch? Anyway, time for a tin mug of tea – note the welcoming hostelry sign.

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