Sunday, 28 December 2014

Rally - Bunnet alert

Perhaps surprisingly, a certain Jaggy Bunnet Esq, was spotted out in public, in a celebrated Lanarkshire delicatessen noted for its festive fayre. He was apparently entertaining Lady Bunnet to a seasonal and convivial lunch at which no expense was spared. Note the attention to detail. Assorted condiments, festively coloured napkins, a tea-cup for the lady and a mug for himself, low fat sweeteners and one long life milk between two, and as one would expect in this gastronomically graceful home of north Lanarkshire fine dining, no knives and forks. And for afters? The branded mug will give the game away as to the location of this most welcoming hostelry for the provision of life enhancing sustenance to leg weary sales shopping bargain baggers! Far from the madding crowds, a haven for tea cake connoisseurs and caramel wafer devotees. This is a turkey dinner-free zone! And the biggest shock of all ... JB picked up the tab himself - twa teas and twa pies = £4:08. Ya beezer.

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