Saturday 2 August 2014

Rally - Bogie - just

David Bogie still leads the Speyside by one second after 3 of the day's 8 stages. Both he and Euan Thorburn 'cleaned' stage 3 so no advantage gained by either. Jock Armstrong is still third in the Subaru but admitted to a silly wee off on the second stage at a hairpin with a fast entry, which tightened. In fact he was embarrassed to admit that he went off on a first gear corner, but so did Euan at the same place!

Mike Faulkner is fourth despite pulling on the handbrake at the Arrival Control at the first stage and it literally came off in his hand. Bruce McCombie is fifth in the Lancer ahead of Donnie MacDonald.

Quintin Milne is out. The Escort struck a rock in the middle of the road pulled out by an earlier car and took a wheel off. Martin Forrest then legged it down the road with his OK board to warn others. First on the scene was Calum MacKenzie: "Fair play to him, we would have hit it too."

Dale Robertson is leading GrpN at present just outside the top ten with Andrew Gallacher second in class after bursting a brake pipe and Fraser Wilson is third after a stone got jammed between the caliper and wheel rim ruining a wheel and a tyre.

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