Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rally - All square

With 3 stages to go there is nothing between the top two on today's McDonald Munro Speyside Stages Rally. Both David Bogie and Euan Thorburn have 'cleaned' two stages so far, they equalled times on one other, Bogie took a second out Thorburn on the first stage and Thorburn took a second out of Bogie on that last one. In other words, those first five stages don't count anymore, it's now a three stage blast to the finish.

"These are great, great stages," said David, "but they're changeable. Approaching a crest you don't know what's on the other side, whether it's glaury, regraded or dry."

Thorburn had a wee scare though: "On the run into service it developed a misfire. It's done it before. We've changed the coil pack and it seems fine now," he said.

Dale Robertson still leads Group N in 11th place and Calum MacKenzie is 12th and top 2WD. Mark McCulloch is 13th after a steady run having reshelled the Subaru since its Scottish Rally roll.

And here's another fight brewing. Chuck Blair in his Peugeot is tying for the Class 3 lead with Ian Haining in his Nova with 3 stages to go.

Leaderboard, after 5 (of 8) stages:
1= Bogie, 26m 23s
1= Thorburn, 26m 23s
3, Armstrong, 27m 20s
4, Faulkner, 27m 29s
5, McCombie, 28m 09s
6, MacDonald, 28m 09s
7, Groundwater, 28m 31s
8, Brown, 28m 32s
9, Horne, 28m 50s
10, Rintoul, 28m 50s

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