Friday, 8 August 2014

Rally - Black Holes

There will be little chance of updating the Blog over the weekend as the MOD site at Dundrennan is a black hole when it comes to telecommunications. Nothing gets out. And if anyone thinks I am going to leave the camp HQ on Saturday night to get to the main road and try and find a signal so I can update the websites, forget it. There will be more incentive to stay indoors than go foraging in the great outdoors.

Like last year for instance, and this is a true tale. The Solway Coast clashed with the Tyneside Stages last year and the Motorsport News reporter had intended to report on the first day of the Coast then travel across country to Otterburn on Saturday night for Sunday's Tyneside. He didn't quite make it. He had to stay the night at Dundrennan, and then drink a gallon of Irn Bru on Sunday morning before making the trip. Drunk? Certainly not. Puggled? Just a bit!

You'll just have to wait a wee bit longer!

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