Thursday 14 July 2011

Rally - Rally of Scotland

Entry Forms for the Rally of Scotland, scheduled to run on the 7 - 9 October, have now been placed on the event's website (see below) but take a deep breath before you look at the prices if you fancy having a wee shottie!

Fees for the International bit start from £1860 and go up to £4,200, but the National Rally is a bit more affordable. If you run with the organisers' stickers stuck to your car, the Entry Fee is £575, but if you don't have room for the event sponsors' decals because your car is already covered with your own, then the price is a mere £840.

In all fairness to them these prices include 20% VAT, or look at it another way, put on the stickers, pay the 575 quid and you'll get 82 miles of stages for your money. Starting to sound a wee bit more attractive, eh?

And here's a wee bit of a scoop. If you think this is the final RoS, it might not be. Although the original deal was for 3 years, and the event hasn't quite lived up to its money-spinning intentions, the IRC could be wanting to come back next year - and with an earlier date in the season!

It all depends on how well this year's event runs and is received, but in a bid to attract more speccies, the outrageous 'Olympic-style' ticket pricing has been discarded in favour of a pay-at-the-gate simplified system.

Entry Forms available at:

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