Monday 11 July 2011

An Introduction

I've been running a website at, dedicated to the sport of rallying (in Scotland), for over two years now, but recently a growing number of people have suggested I should start a Blog or a Twitter or even a Facebook!

Well, it took a course of night school classes over two Winters to learn how to build a website so new technology is not one of my strong points. Besides I don't think I'm very important in the great scheme of things so who would read a Blog by me?

Anyway, I've been thinking about this for a wee while and I've decided to give it a wee shottie.

What set me off was a bit of bad news this morning. I got an email telling me that Bill Boddy had died at the weekend.

I didn't know Bill personally but he was one of the people who fired my initial enthusiasm for motor sport and inspired me to take up journalism in the first place. That's because he was a founding Editor of the monthly 'Motor Sport' magazine (the green one).

Along with the weekly 'Motoring News' (as it then was) and 'Autosport' magazine, motor sport and particularly rallying has remained a life long passion, and Bill's inspirational writing was part of that. Other people who inspired me to take up journalism include the late Ross Finlay, a wonderfully gifted writer, and Eric Dymock, an equally gifted story teller.

But if I had to name a favourite motor sports writer it would be Pete Lyons. His F1 reports in the weekly Autosport magazine in the 70s were compulsive 'under the blankets' reading by torchlight on Thursday nights when I should have been sleeping!

I can never hope to emulate these guys, but read on anyway. This will be as good as it gets!

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