Sunday 17 July 2011

Road - Lexus CT200h

I hate cars that are smarter than me! And this week, the petrol-electric hybrid Lexus was in danger of falling into that category. The first time that the message 'Steering wheel turned too far, please return' popped up on the central display I was amused. The second time it happened, I was annoyed, the third time it happened I got pretty angry. The fourth time it happened, I reached for the Handbook to find out how to switch the bleedin' thing off!

Another thing I don't like is the CVT 'gearbox'. Of course, this being Lexus, it works well, but that doesn't mean to say I like these sort of transmissions. They always sounds as though the clutch is slipping.

Apart from that, I like it, and like it a lot. It's roomy inside, with an excellent driving position, and I could see myself wafting around in one of these when I'm old and doddery. Sporting it is not, and this despite three modes on the transmission - Eco, Normal and Sport.

On this particular car, the term 'Sport' is relative. Less hungry Jack Russell, more pensioner over-fed Labrador. But as I said, the term is relative, because it does perk up the sparks and allows safe overtaking. Just don't buy it if you hanker after a 4-seat Caterham, it's more of a motorised 4-poster.

Apart from its smartness, it's cunning too. In Eco and Normal mode, the dash display is highlighted in a soothing, calming blue background, but switch it into Sport and it turns angry red. The three stage Power meter on the left also disappears to be replaced by a glowing red and white rev counter. Nice touch.

I did over 200 miles in the car yesterday and apart from the early glitch, ended up liking it more, the more I drove it.

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