Thursday 13 June 2024

Rally - Jock's Run - Bulletin 2

Biggar Young Farmers Club have plans well in hand for Jock’s Run on Saturday 29th June and so far over 80 vehicles have been signed up, albeit with an unknown number of drivers and passengers so hopefully they won’t run out of burgers and ice cream!

On that note it would be really helpful to know how many are planning on attending. There is now a new method of registering your attendance without the need for Facebook – send a Text to 07708 343 889 – all they need to know is your name, vehicle reg and what vehicle. So far, the automotive ‘entry list’ includes just about every type of automotive conveyance from motor bikes and quads to cars, vans and trucks, not to mention tractors!!

As for the route, it is a little over 20 miles in length and it actually runs close by Jock’s family home, so if he can’t make the showground, hopefully he’ll be fit enough to sit in the garden and wave!

Biggar YFC will have ‘volunteer helpers’ on the day registering folk and their vehicles on arrival and taking the money. Cash is preferred as the phone signal at Biggar Showground can’t be relied on for the card machines, although such machines will be on hand! There will also be a supply of buckets where any spare cash can be deposited. The idea of course is to generate as much in the way of cash donations for the CJD Support Network as possible. CJD is a horrible disease with many similarities to MND and we all know how bad that is. Your support is vital.

After the run, burgers will be available at £3.50, so no rip-off prices like we often see at some other outdoor events and the ice cream is from Taylor’s of Biggar. This has been sampled at length (at much personal cost) to ensure taste and succulence on the day.

Naturally this tasting and testing process will be ongoing. As for the burgers, they haven’t been tested yet, so that’s yet another arduous chore for the organisers!

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