Wednesday 12 June 2024

Race - Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

To mark Jackie Stewart’s 85th birthday (11th June) Scots born (Motherwell) motoring and motor sports journalist and author Eric Dymock has redesigned and republished a book he wrote over 50 years ago, entitled: “Jackie Stewart World Champion, Ten Years To A Title”.

It was quite a book then, it’s a better book now. Eric was already a well known and highly respected journalist when he wrote this book in conjunction with Jackie himself. In fact Eric knew Jackie before Jackie started motor racing as he had already reported on Jackie’s older brother Jimmy’s career and was also closely following Jim Clark’s career. 

This updated book gives a remarkable and personal insight into Jackie’s early career which commenced in 1959 and ten years later he was world champion in 1969. In both his own words and those of an ever observant Eric Dymock, the book describes Jackie’s progress from amateur to professional and from saloon and sports cars to Formula 1.

Also, a contribution from every sale is going to ‘Race Against Dementia’, a cause which is particularly dear to Sir Jackie’s heart.

The book is on sale now:

The 'Buy Now' button goes to Amazon, which prints and sends copies for £23.75.

On a personal note, I’m no fan of Amazon, but in this case I’ll just have to over-rule my principles and fork out the dosh.

However, I do have my own personal and early memory of JYS. Way back in 1971, and long before he was knighted, Jackie Stewart organised the ‘Jackie Stewart Speed Show’ in the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow which ran from March 27th to April 4th. It cost adults 4 shillings to get in while children were charged 2 shillings, and it was quite a show. I should know, I was in there before the doors opened to the public assisting with the photographic displays.

And you know what? To this day my efforts have never been financially rewarded, although I did receive a gift. I was given a ‘Jackie Stewart set’ which came in a presentation box. Underneath the cellophane cover was a black corduroy bunnet, a pair of thick stemmed JYS sun glasses, a pair of JYS driving gloves and a key ring. And yes, I did wear them and use them!

In all fairness, later commissions were rather more adequately rewarded.

Aye, them were’t days, eh?

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