Friday 28 June 2024

Moffat Classic Car Show

Following its inaugural introduction at the recent Thirlestane show, the ‘Bunnet Book Bazaar’ pop-up shopping experience will make its next appearance at the Moffat Classic Car Show this coming Sunday the 30th June.

On display and for sale will be the complete range of self-published books by one J Fife Esq – all two of them! If anyone wishes to purchase a copy of ‘The Scottish Rally Championship 1980-1989’ and/or a copy of ‘Murmurs on Mull 1993-2010’ for themselves, their family or friends then here is the ideal opperchancity to enrich their Scottish motor rallying knowledge.

Cash or card accepted, but no trade-ins or bartering will be entered into and no Embassy vouchers, Provi cheques, Green Shield stamps, major store loyalty cards or empty ginger bottles will be accepted either!

Obviously cash will be preferred as experience at Thirlestane suggests that on-line card payments from all the on-site stalls and activities can sometimes overload the mobile communications signal system. Having said that, only a few transactions were disrupted last time out.

The appearance at Thirlestane was also beneficial in another respect in that some long-lost sets of rally results from the 1960s and 70s were sourced which will help to plug the gaps in research for ongoing book projects. So if anyone has anything especially from the very early days, your help will be most appreciated.

Anyway, the next book in the series covering the 1990s is well underway, text is written and photographs are being selected.

Look out for the red Transit.

If you can’t make it to the show, the books are still available on-line:

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