Sunday 7 April 2024

Rally - Murmurs on Tour

Lanarkshire to Lancashire. After visiting Coltness Car Club on Monday it’s off to the far south on Thursday night for a visit to 2300 Club, the originators of the Tour of Mull Rally.

It’s not another formal ‘book launch’, just a meeting of like minded souls with an interest in rallying – one event in particular of course.

Of course, it was former 2300 Club President, the late Brian Molyneux, who wrote the first book on ‘The Tour of Mull Rally’ which covers the event’s introduction in 1969 up to 1994. Sadly that book is out of print but I do believe there is some interest in another wee print run and maybe something will come out of Thursday night’s meeting.

Anyway, my own scurrilous effort is rather different from Brian’s detailed and beautifully written account of the event’s beginnings and its history, whereas the ‘Mull Murmurs’ bulletins as published during the rally were anything but well written or grammatically correct. There was also an issue of ‘political correctness’ which wasn’t quite such a thorny issue in days gone by! I just hope that to-day’s readers will bear that in mind.

It may only be an A5 paperback but it does have 350 pages, and more to the point, the book does contain every single issue of the Bulletins that were issued during that 18 year period 1993 to 2010 – the only place where the full compilation exists.

The cost is 20 quid, which equates to just about one guinea for each year’s series of bulletins and only those who were there can judge if that was a bargain – or not!

Anyway, the 2300 club night will take place on Thursday evening, the 11th of April, at Foxfields Hotel, Whalley Rd, Billington, Clitheroe BB7 9HY and yours truly will be in attendance from around 7.30pm.

By the way, if any other club wants a personal visitation, perhaps it could be arranged! However, anywhere south of Lancashire might pose a health risk to a sunstroke-fearing traveller from the far north.

For those who can’t make it, full details of how to purchase a copy on-line will be published here shortly, once I’ve figured out how to update the bluidy website!

Onwards and upwards, eh?

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