Tuesday 9 April 2024

Rally - In the Bears’ Den

There was a good crowd at the monthly Coltness CC meeting last night and the book was well received so a big personal sigh of relief. And if ‘the Bears’ head for home with a smile on their faces as opposed to a growl in their throats then it bodes well for the future.

The encouraging thing about such a gathering with the bears is you get the truth, either it’s good sh*t* or it’s bad sh*t*, and thankfully the general consensus was that the book is good sh*t*. So there you have it, a positive recommendation. Or is it?

Seriously, I was really pleased with the feedback. As almost everyone said, it brings back memories and that’s the whole point. As rally folk age so memories dim and we all need a wee trigger now and again.

Anyway, that’s this latest book on the wee marketing website that I have and it sits alongside the first of the planned books on the ‘Scottish Rally Championship’ which has already been published so make sure you click on the right title !!


And finally … One chap came up to me last night with a copy of the book opened at one page and earnestly asked: “Did I really do that? I don’t remember it.” Well, of course he must, it’s in the book, so it must be right. Mustn’t it?

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