Saturday 6 April 2024

Rally - The ‘Murmurs’ are alive …

Picked up the fist batch of books from the printer and they’ll go on sale next week. Price is a wee bit higher than I had hoped, so hope that’s OK. I ‘lost’ the title sponsor just before the book was due to go to press and the price of paper has gone up again, so I cut back on the print run a wee bit. Hopefully I’ll still have enough to go round and nobody is disappointed.

The price will be 20 quid plus another fiver for P&P for those who place an order on line and although it is more expensive than originally planned, here is another way of looking at it – the ‘MullMurmurs’ bulletins were issued over an 18 year period, so that equates to just about one guinea for each year’s series of bulletins.

Please also bear in mind that this is primarily a ‘text’ book, not a ‘picture’ book and the photos, such as they are, are purely there to break up the text and perhaps highlight some of the personalities mentioned and ‘equipment’ used. Picture quality isn’t great but that’s down to the quality of the paper, using better grade paper would have pushed the price up again!

It’s also a paperback book and a handy pocket-sized A5 format, but on the plus side, there are 354 pages which hopefully captures what the Mull Rally is all about. At least now a permanent record has been created to carry on the story from Brian Molyneux’s 1969 – 1994 epic with this book covering the period 1993 – 2010. I’ll let someone else take up the story from 2011 onwards …

For those who wish to avail themselves of a copy before the rush (?) I will be at the Coltness Car Club monthly gathering on Monday evening 8th April from 7.30 pm. This will be held at the usual venue – Dalserf Bowling Club, Ashgillhead Road, Ashgill, Larkhall ML9 3AF. The Club is licensed to sell alcoholic refreshments if you’re not driving but also has both leaded and unleaded Irn Bru plus a variety of other soft drinks, and boattles of waatter, and remember, the bar only takes cash – nae cards, cheques or Provi vouchers.

One other thing, if you haven’t been to a CCC club night before you will drive past the entrance to the Bowling Club at least once before you see it. So dinnae worry, we’ve all done it! It’s a tight left on to an unsurfaced narrow road between the first and second wee hooses as you approach the village from the north. There’s a fairly big car park at the foot of the lane on the right with access to the Bowling Club entrance from there.

For those who can’t make it, full details of how to purchase a copy on line will be published here shortly – I had to get a new card payment reader! And that was a job and a half, thanks to DPD. After this week’s carry-on with DPD I’ll be sticking with Royal Mail for delivery and tracking. In other words we’re in a sad state if the Royal Mail can make another delivery company look bad.

So dinnae try an’ order the book here yet – wait for the details (Tuesday hopefully), or I’ll see you Monday evening.

Onwards and upwards, eh?

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