Thursday 12 October 2023

Rally - No going back

The deed is done! The text for the book entitled ‘Scottish Rally Championship 1980-1989’ was signed off at the printer’s on Monday and this morning the final hardback cover design was signed off. The printer reckons it will be a three week job but more likely to be four weeks, so early November is B-Day – not to be confused with bidet!

It’s now too late to make any changes, but if I was to do it again, would I make changes? Put it this way the format for the next book ‘SRC 1990-1999’ will remain broadly the same but I think I am going to have to include more tales and stories as opposed to simply recording hard facts and written rally reports. Whilst those who have seen sections already have liked the history, there seems to have been a desire for more personal stories and insights.

Of course there are already a few in there, but the trial ‘audience’ seemed to want more. On that basis there are likely to be more in the next book or maybe there is a need for an additional ‘final’ volume in the series that simply records and re-tells all the scandal, scuttlebutt and silliness which has entertained as well as enthused and informed.

The whole idea behind this project at the outset was to record the history of the Scottish championship before we lose special stage rallying in the forests – which might be rather more imminent than some people may imagine – and we are left with closed road rallying.

So far no-one has attempted to keep a record of the sport in Scotland (and down south!) which is very sad. Surely a sport which we have all enjoyed so far and still enjoying now is worth creating a permanent record for future generations of motor sports fans?

It’s one thing looking at those internet sites which store rally results, it’s quite another reading how those results were physically, mechanically and competitively arrived at on the ground on the day.

So it’s now out of my hands and others will judge. I’m sure mistakes will have crept in despite the never-ending proof-reading sessions and whilst positive criticism will be welcomed, the detractors and faultfinders will need to be sure of their arguments if we ever meet face to face!

Just remember my big pal Jaggy is not the most forgiving type.

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