Sunday 8 October 2023

Rally - The Black Rose

20 years ago rallying lost a true friend and passionate enthusiast on the Mull Rally. Co-driver Susan Cameron succumbed to injuries sustained in an accident when her Peugeot 205 left the road shortly after the start of Stage 3 and crashed into trees.

The rest of the rally was cancelled after that fateful evening but husband Duncan was adamant that the rally should carry on come Saturday, and it did.

As reported in ‘MullMurmurs’ at the time, no two people shared a stronger passion for our sport. Duncan and Susan had met at Aberdeen University some 25 years before and they joined the local car club. First they went marshalling and then competing  (in Duncan’s Mum's Mini without her knowledge!). They were wed on the first day of the International Scottish Rally in June 1980 and spent their honeymoon following the rally. That event ensured that they never forgot their anniversary, but they rarely spent it together as Duncan would be servicing and Susan officiating. It also meant Duncan didn't need to buy Susan an anniversary present as he didn't see her for a week!

The following year Duncan returned to Mull with the number 84 yellow and orange Peugeot Rallye 205 but this time it had a black rose painted on the bonnet. As he and co-driver Andy Bull crossed the finish line in 29th place overall it was reported by one onlooker that he could have sworn he noticed a smack of pink lipstick on the front bumper. Maybe it was just a trick of the light – or maybe not?

Anyway, if you see any black roses on any of the cars on this year’s event that’s down to family friends Tom and Sue Hynd who are carrying a black rose on their own little red Peugeot in memory of a highly colourful and effervescent character whom we lost twenty years ago this year. A few others will be carrying the rose too, thanks to Tom and Sue, so keep your eyes peeled.

This year’s event gets underway next Friday the 13th, so be careful everyone, and have a safe and successful rally.

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