Sunday 29 October 2023

Rally - Book Launch

The Book … Not so much an ‘official book launch’ more of a convivial gathering amongst like minded souls and friends, but Coltness Car Club is hosting an Open Night on Monday evening, November 6th and all are welcome.

This open invitation is being extended not just to all CCC Members but to all other car clubs and even to non-club member rally fans who wish to come along.

The principal reason for this open night is to allow rally fans to get their hands on the first copies of the book “Scottish Rally Championship 1980-1989”.

I will be there in person with the first copies, hot off the press, for sale at 35 quid a copy. No discount, no free gifts and no special offers – the money’s needed to help finance the next book in the series!

A word of advice. Best bring cash – I have invested in one of those infernal portable card terminals which supposedly takes debit/credit card purchases but I haven’t been able to try it out for real! Hence the pricing simplicity, no odd numbers or odd pence sums!

The venue is Dalserf Bowling Club, Ashgillhead Road, Ashgill, Larkhall ML9 3AF. Drop in any time from 7.30 pm. The Club is licensed to sell alcoholic refreshments if you’re not driving but also has both leaded and unleaded Irn Bru plus a variety of other soft drinks, and boatles of waatter if you must, so you can sit and have some craic with like-minded folks.

The village of Ashgill is easily accessible heading east from Junction 8 on the M74 at Larkhall.

There’s a set of traffic lights on the A71 between the Motorway and Garrion Bridge but turn right at the lights towards Ashgill and most certainly NOT Larkhall!!

Those coming from the east would most likely use Garrion Bridge (over the River Clyde) on the A71 but there are planned roadworks on the bridge from Oct 30th.

One other thing, if you haven’t been to a CCC club night before you will drive past the entrance to the Bowling Club at least once before you see it. So dinnae worry, we’ve all done it! It’s a tight left on to an unsurfaced narrow road between the first and second wee hooses. There’s a fairly big car park at the foot of the lane on the right with access to the Bowling Club entrance from there.

If you can’t make it on the night, full details will be published here on Tuesday 7th November of how to purchase copies on line at £40 incl P&P 

Please note: Any early critics of this publication will have to remember the author is on ‘home territory’. If you inadvertently upset one Coltness bear, you upset them all. Be warned, stay safe.

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