Thursday 18 August 2022

Road - Iveco

Not April 1st ... Nope, this is genuine. Starting tomorrow (19th Aug) Iveco will be touring England, Wales and Scotland with this hirsute Daily van to promote its CNG powered LCV. It can carry a payload of up to 1200 kgs and or swallow 18 cubic metres of stuff! And it can tow up to 3500 kgs.


The name comes from a combination of 'cheetah' and 'mammoth' to represent the van's agility and muscular strength.


But here's the thing, the Iveco Daily #Chammoth is also raising money for endangered species conservation with Iveco donating £1 to the Aspinall Foundation charity every time a member of the public takes a photo of the van and posts it on social media mentioning the hashtag #chammoth.


Mind you I can see a run on 'Head & Shoulders' stockists when the van passes through each area, but will it have to stop at a truck wash or a hairdressing salon to do the business?


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