Tuesday 23 August 2022

Rally - Personal transport

Many folk expressed interest in John Wink's 'personal transport' at the Deeside Service Park on the recent Voyonic Grampian Rally. The vehicle in question is a Daihatsu compact utility vehicle powered by a 660cc engine. It is owned by one of John's sponsors Dyce Carriers and used around the transport yard for ferrying small heavy stuff, but on the weekend of the rally it was driven out to Crathes by Tyla the son of the owners of Dyce Carriers.

Aside from an apprenticeship at the family haulage and logistics business Tyla is undertaking a course at the National College of Motorsport hence the desire to visit the rally.

Fortunately, Mr Wink wasn't in destructive mode at the weekend although the Hyundai still needed regular fettling. Unfortunately, the Service Crew Chief is one Ken Wood Esq, one of the hardest task masters in the business! It's no wonder that Tyla needed a rest between visits from the rally car - Yup, that's him having a wee lie-down on the groundsheet while the rest of the team keep on eye on progress via Flying Finish.

Tyla says the Daihatsu can hit 70 mph - on an unrestricted road of course! However the fitment of a full set of rally lamps begs the question, does Tyla fancy a bit of rallying himself? Just one ever so tiny wee problem with that, the Daihatsu is a single seater. Still I suppose they could use some tie-downs on an old armchair and strap it down to the pickup bed and just plonk Neil Shanks and his Route Notes in there with a loud hailer to call the bends.


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