Friday 3 June 2022

Rally - Tunnock's Challenge Trophy

With the McRae Rally Challenge at Knockhill now just a month away on the 2/3 July comes news from the heart of Lanarkshire. The world's best biscuit makers (purely a  personal opinion) are putting up a trophy to inject a little more excitement into proceedings.

The two day competition will host not just a rally event for superstars, ordinary stars and those who haven't quite made it yet, but will also feature a round of both the 2022 Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge and the 2022 Formula 1000 Junior Championship.

The 14 to 17 year old drivers will be competing for points in their own respective championships in their one litre cars, but the organisers of the two championships have come up with the idea of an 'international' challenge, i.e. the Scots versus the English.

That means they will be competing for an extra award, the Tunnock's Challenge Trophy and this will be presented to the winning team line-up at the end of rally presentations on Sunday afternoon.

Apparently a very close friend of mine was tasked with taking the attached photograph of said trophy but when the organisers came to put the Tunnock's Trophy away for safe keeping - the contents had gone! Which makes me wonder, will he be asked to take the pics at the prizegiving

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