Tuesday 14 August 2018

Rally - The Big Issue

I spotted a weary figure  strolling through the Grampian Forest Rally service park at the weekend clutching a big armful of magazines, stopping to talk with any who would listen and obviously selling a mag, or two, or three. But it wasn't a Big Issue seller, it was Bob Irvine flogging copies of his latest 'Scottish Rally Scene' mag. This latest issue is number 14 and is as usual full of foties and stuff from as far afield as Crail and Belgium, Dunoon and Donegal, Machrihanish and Sardinia, plus a chat with Eddie O'Donnell and the latest observations from young Cameron Fair. And here's the thing, I'm worried about Cammy. So young, and so cynical, already. He'd better be careful or he'll grow up to be a right curmudgeonly auld git - just like his Da'!

If you missed him you can always get the latest issue (and back issues) on line at Ebay, and it's only a fiver:

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