Sunday, 29 July 2018

Questions & Answers

A number of folk have asked if the post-rally news reports could be published sooner after each event. Yes they could, but they won't. Simple reason, the weekly 'Motorsport News' gets the information first. That's only right and fair as they commission the reports in the first place. Trouble is, I always gather more information than the MN word count will allow, which was the reason why the 'JB' website was started. This provided the platform where more detailed and informative reports could be published, and also the news and blethers that amuse and appeal to us, if not the wider public.

If you want the news first, read it in 'MSN' and then get the bigger story on JB later. On that basis I have published the Column which MSN printed the other week for those of you cheapskates who won't buy the paper.

And yes I know it's dear, but so is a packet of crisps. At 60p a packet, that's 4 quid for a single potato! Who's getting ripped off now? And don't get me started that it's not the same as it once was. Get real, the world has moved on. Irn Bru is different, pop music is weird, fashion has lost taste, discs have gone digital, and mobile phones are simply a curse on modern life. Rallying too is not what it once was. Apparently, that's called progress.

At some point in the future MSN will probably go on-line too, as that is the way of the publishing world these days - and the traditionalists will be left behind.

Anyway, here's my observations from a week back:

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