Thursday 15 June 2017

Race - Missing at Le Mans

First Mull, and now Le Mans. Another blot on Scotland's colourful motorsporting history. It looks very much like there will be only ONE Scottish driver taking part in this weekend's Le Mans 24h race. 

Considering the motor racing history of Scots at Le Mans, this is surely a very sad statistic. From Ecurie Ecosse to Allan McNish, the Scots have imprinted a touch of tartan on a little part of France. On the domestic front there is the Kingdom Stages Rally at Crail in the Kingdom of Fife, but coincidentally, there will be a Fife connection with Le Mans. 

Jonny Adam from Kirkcaldy will be whirling a works Aston Martin around the Sarthe tarmac while rally fans are absorbed with the action at Crail.

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