Monday 5 June 2017

Jim Clark Memorial Award

There was a wee surprise, or maybe that should be a big surprise, because  there wasn't just one individual winner in this year's Jim Clark Memorial Awards, it was presented to a whole family!

Last weekend the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers made their annual presentation to the Franchitti family.

Sponsored by Ford Motor Company this annual award recognises the efforts of Scots who have made a significant contribution to the world of motoring or achieved great success on track or stage.

The occasion marked a 'first' for this 47th year of the Jim Clark Award as it recognised a truly unique family achievement. George and Marina with their 'boys' Dario and Marino and daughter Carla have added another chapter to the book of Scottish motoring and motor sporting success.

This remarkable wee corner of north west Europe has punched well above its weight in the motoring sporting world. In the past 60 years Scotland has produced 8 World Champions on 2, 3 and 4 wheels.

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