Saturday 24 December 2016

Xmas scary story

Xmas scary story ...  There is a traditional of telling tales of horror and ghost stories at Christmas, so instead of the usual Christmas poem, here is one based on a true story!! Happy Christmas and I hope you can sleep easy in your bed after reading this ...

Endagered species

Nessie is a beast of monstrous proportions
And an ego the size of a bus
When she heard of the fame of the Jaggy
She did rage and kick up a fuss
It was she who was queen of tourist attractions 
Jealousy made her cuss

Her regular diet was haggis, and chips and curry sauce
and porridge done in batter
But with her pride under threat, and her blood on the boil
his blood she wanted to splatter
For vengeance to be savoured, it was flesh that she did crave
And only Jaggy’s would sate her

She went looking for this usurper, who threatened her regal position
On this she wouldn’t be beaten
None should steal her popular crown, and ‘top tourist’ attraction glory
All rivals had to be eaten
To tear his limbs asunder, and spray his blood and gore
It was Jaggy she went aseekin’

She found him by a rippling loch, sat alone upon a rock
at rest with pipe and smoke
Spying this grumptious figure, compassion overwhelmed her
and revenge she did revoke
Here was just ‘anurra wee cratur’, unloved and misunderstood
anger gone at single stroke

And after his initial fright, at this great beastie and its fangs
which nearly made him cry
The Jaggy did a wondrous thing, to make their friendship lasting
he shared his Tunnock’s Pie

Oh, and one more thing, Merry Christmas everyone and have happy, safe and successful New Year, and if you do happen to a see a Jaggy about next year be kind and courteous to this shy and retiring creature.


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