Thursday 8 December 2016

Rally - A final word

Under normal circumstances I don't comment on funerals, but yesterday's farewell to Bob Morland was not a morbid, hand-wringing affair. Humour and fun was interwoven in this celebration of a life lived to the full as both Bob's sons spoke warmly and fondly of 'faither'. Kenneth and Graeme regaled the huge turn-out with a series of family anecdotes and insights into the life of this well-loved faither and grandpa.

At the 'tea' later that afternoon a visitor's book was passed round by the family asking folk to record their own wee stories. Given the nature of the event, I passed on one personal memory which I omitted from my original tribute. At the time I thought it could have been taken the wrong way in some quarters, or maybe thought of as disrespectful, but no, everyone knew just how mischievous the man could be.

I first met Bob in the mid 1970s when I was new to the sport of navigational rallying and he was already an old, and wise, hand. Indeed, it was he who taught me how to cheat in a "fair and gentlemanly" fashion. Aye, it wouldn't happen today.

However, the occasion did allow me to use this photograph which has been waiting for the right opportunity. For the past 12 years, Bob was team supervisor and mentor to the BSW Rally Team. The Faulkner and Foy entourage were there yesterday and revealed that it was Bob who organised the team - when they didn't know they needed organising.

He did fail in one respect. A certain member of the team (who shall remain nameless) continues to wear lurid underwear regardless of the leg-pulling and insults.

Bob would have appreciated this one!

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