Saturday 31 December 2016

Rally - Under orders

With 2017 looming ever closer Lady Bunnet has issued a non-negotiable decree - 'Thou must de-clutter, or else!' That means consigned to the dungeons to sift through years of accumulated gold, franklynonsense and myrrhmories. Along the way some real nuggets have been unearthed, and a few of them have been attached.

The sideways Escort driver will be known to many of you, especially those involved in the Scottish forest rally championship. Most will not recognise the face although the figure should give you a clue, but when and where? 

In 1986 a 1600cc Talbot Sunbeam won the John Bedroom Stages Rally outright, at a time when beards were in fashion - again. 

Also in 1986, one of the best ever looking rally cars appeared on the Scottish Rally Championship -  although the same couldn't quite be said about the crew!

As for the group discussion around the bonnet of the Mazda, that was possibly taken later, in 1989. On a more poignant note, sadly, two of them are no longer with us.

And the final pic? The inimitable and flamboyant style of one man on the Hackle Rally way back in 1986. Crikey, that's 30 years ago!

So as we look forward to a New Year, just remember one thing. Life is not a recce. We only get one shot at it, so let the clutch out and go for it.

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