Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Rally - The Gallowegian

I spent a bit of time thinking about this before sharing it with you, but having sought permission I took a photo at yesterday's funeral. Through the rain streaked glass can be seen Robin Christie's hat and the steering wheel from his Chevette. Lovely thought, and very touching. Long before Indiana Jones and Crocodile Dundee made the drover's hat fashionable, the Gallowegian cut an unmistakable figure in his weathered and frayed headgear.

Many visitors to the Scottish Rally Championship and other events over the years have often remarked on the friendly atmosphere which is somehow at odds with the fierce competition on the stages. That's down to folk like Robin and other characters who make this sport what it is. It's not just about the cars and the action, it's the personalities who add banter and laughter all the way. He'll certainly be missed.

As for yesterday, all it needed was a Land Rover in the back to complete the ensemble! R.I.P. Robin.

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