Monday 13 April 2015

Rally - Safety Review Progress

The planned publication of the Safety Review Group’s guidelines on how to organise and run safe rallies has been delayed. Due out this week, it won’t be available till the end of the month – at the earliest. No reason has been given, and although the contents are ‘top secret’ it would appear that the ‘advice’ is rather more comprehensive and extensive than first feared.

Apparently some early drafts were given to organisers whose events are imminent. From that, it would appear that the recent spell of autumnal weather wasn’t caused by gusts of wind, more the sharp intake of breath when these poor sods got first sight of the text.

Naturally the rest of us haven’t been kept informed so a certain Jaggy Bunnet has been lurking in the bushes, peering through key-holes and steaming open envelopes in the pursuit of information.

And here’s a thought. On the recent Border Counties Rally, the organisers used 15 kms of barrier tape and three times as many stakes as usual - and there were only 2 'spectator stages'. Just thought you might be interested.

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