Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rally - Marshal aids

News just in that the Edinburgh based manufacturer of ‘Smidge’ insect repellent have created a new formula which will be of particular benefit to Rally Marshals.

This was created originally to protect the peely wally skin of native Scots from the ferocious “Volaticus mordacus parvus cucul” which was the Latin name given to the Scottish midge by Roman soldiers 2,000 years ago. Translated from Latin it literally means “wee flying biting bastard.”

The product has proved particularly effective in recent years for those Marshals and Officials consigned to the depths of the native pine forests. But in response to a request from the Scottish Government’s ‘Motor Sport Safety Review Group’, the Smidge manufacturer has managed to combine the ‘Saltidin’ based aerosol with pepper spray which can also be used on Rally Spectators.

Trials on sample spectator groups have proved that large areas can be cleared quickly.

Just one snag, the Forestry Commission has yet to approve its large scale use by rally organisers. Apparently the FC senior management failed to reach agreement when the meeting was disrupted by a somewhat cavalier demonstration of the product in the meeting room. This caused a run on the Kleenex cupboard, rendered the paperwork illegible and cleared the room.

A full list of stockists is expected to be announced shortly.

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