Tuesday 21 May 2024

Rally - Spot the weans

Yesterday’s post about the Jim Clark Memorial Rally 35 years ago seemed to be well appreciated so here’s a few more, but this time – no captions. You’ll just have to look for yourselves and scratch the old thatch box above your neck, that is if you have any ‘thatch’ left like some of those in the photos who look very different today to what they did back then.

The top four finishers will be easily recognisable but perhaps not the class contenders. Yes, some haven’t changed that much whereas others might require a bit more thought. Least well known will be the ‘Little and Large’ duo but they were quick in their day although no longer involved, while the ‘tyre’ man, the ‘Pace Note’ man and the FIA man are still pretty much recognisable. Anyway, all these pics were taken at the outdoor prizegiving in Kelso Town Square after the rally.

Apologies also for some of the marks on the photos but the negatives have suffered a wee bit due to age, much like most of the rest of us, and that’s why some of these pics did not make the Scottish Championship 1980s book! In fact quite a lot of pics didn’t make the final edit of that book so maybe I’ll post a few more in the run up to this week’s rallyfest in Duns.

Still it makes a change from pictures of rally cars, seeing pictures of those inside the cars and inside the helmets. On the other hand some might say a few of this motley collection might just look better with their helmets on.

It’s also surprising just how many of them are still rallying and still involved.

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