Thursday 23 May 2024

Rally - Jim Clark weather prediction

The weather forecast for this weekend’s Jim Clark Memorial Rally is looking typically Scottish and is a concern not just for competitors, but to rally officials and marshals alike who will have to brave whatever is thrown at them in order to stage an event of this size and scope. There is however one surefire, well proven, reliable method of predicting the weather this far north – on the day of the rally just stick your hand out of any window for a few seconds then draw it back in. If your hand is wet then it’s raining, if your hand is dry then it’s about to rain.

But it could be worse, and not that I want to worry anyone, but these photos were actually taken on the Jim Clark Memorial Rally, although it was a wee while ago – way back in 1986 to be precise.

Richard Mawson and Geordie Tindall won the rally in their Ford Escort RS from the 1300cc Ford Escort of Gordon Boyd and Kenneth Crombie. And the winning margin? Just 4 seconds. In third place was the Opel Manta of Jim Fleming and Adam Duff ahead of the Talbot Sunbeam of George ‘Galloping’ Gillespie and George Black while Ivor the Driver finished fifth in a most unlikely choice of rally machine!

So with all that in mind, and in addition to all the safety advice which will be dished out to spectators in advance of the rally, here’s some more advice. Make sure you pack the wellies and sou’wester, tee shirts and sandals, furry boots and woolly bunnets, sun cream and chilblain salve and you’ll be ready for anything. Oh, and perhaps just put a tube of midge repellent cream in the pack while you’re at it. You never know.

Stay safe, stay dry and enjoy yourselves.

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