Thursday 7 March 2024

Rally - Murmurs underway

I’ve signed off the cover of the ‘MullMurmurs’ book and it looks pretty smart. Even though there is no cover sponsor mention or logo on the front cover and the back cover had to be changed, I think it looks pretty good. In fact it might even be better. Plain and simple, just like the author!

On the other hand, the printer wasn’t too keen on the typesetting (I did it!) but I wanted to try and replicate the Murmurs as they were originally reproduced. A difficult task since the Murmurs were printed individually on A4 sheets and this is an A5 book but I told him that was what I wanted. What really surprised me was that he didn’t know what a ‘duplicator’ was but there is a photo in the book and I explained how it worked. Youngsters, eh?

I’ll be getting a full book proof to read shortly and then it’s press the ‘go’ button after that.

I’ll publish details here when ready, but it will be available on-line through the same web site marketing service which is currently selling the Scottish Rally Championship book. I’ll also have copies with me when I visit events, but details of this will also be published here.

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