Thursday 21 March 2024

Rally - Murmurs on Mull - Progress?

Some bad news I’m afraid regarding the ‘Murmurs on Mull’ book. I’ve now got the proof back from the printer. However, I had anticipated it would be around 300 pages in length, well, I’m afraid that is not going to be the case, it looks as though it is in fact going to be 356 pages in length !!

It has been suggested by the printer that never has so much drivel been written about so few has-beens, hopefuls and heroes for the enlightenment and entertainment of so many onlookers, rally die-hards and deadbeats - as someone once famous might have said, had he said anything at all.

Anyway, b*gg*r it I thought, so be it, let the print machines roll. Yee Haa!

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