Friday 16 February 2024

Road - Off roader – or Tank?

Chinese manufacturer BYD is making great inroads into the world vehicle markets but less well known is the fact that this company is already the world’s leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) and power batteries. And it’s not just quantity, it’s quality too. BYD will be showing their latest technology at the Geneva International Motor Show 2024 at the end of the month.

Taking centre-stage at the show will be the YANGWANG U8 powered by innovative new technologies: the e⁴ platform and the DiSus-P Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System.

BYD's e⁴ Platform is the world's first mass-produced four-motor independent drive technology platform. Compared with current conventional vehicles, it precisely controls the driving of all four wheels through four independent motors.


This independent control of the torque of the four wheels allows the YANGWANG U8 to use differential steering. Similar to a 360 degree ‘tank turn’ the left and right wheels can spin in opposite directions enabling the car to do ‘U-ey’ while standing still. No more handbrake turns at speed then, eh?


The BYD DiSus Intelligent Body Control System takes ride quality a stage further. Not only does the hydraulic suspension system control body-roll, but if offers greater control when cornering, accelerating and braking while enhancing vehicle agility.


Apparently the configuration boasts some 1100 bhp from its four electric motors with a 2 litre petrol engine range extender!


The Yangwang U8 offers an exciting glimpse into the near future of cars and 4WD vehicles, but it does look kind of familiar, somehow, doesn’t it? And whilst the technology may be attractive, can buyers live with the name?

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