Thursday 1 February 2024

Rally - MullMurmurs

Work continues apace on the book ‘Murmurs on Mull’ and it’s all getting really close to publication. To keep the costs down I have actually done all the typesetting myself on behalf of my less electronically competent and technically challenged big pal Jaggy who in fact was the author of all the bulletins issued during the rally from 1993 to 2010.

Oddly enough Brian Molyneux’s book covers the start of the adventure in 1969 and takes it up to 1993 so the book could be seen as a follow-on from Brian’s beautifully written history although the two writing styles couldn’t be more different.

However, I have been looking for a suitable photo of Jaggy Bunnet with which to embellish this publication, but just like Scotland’s famous and very shy wild Haggis, the camera-shy big chap seems to have avoided the prying lens of most photographers throughout his forays on the island. A fact which has no doubt played its part in the myth – is there, or was there, such a character at all? Was his presence merely a figment of a fevered imagination or a drink fuelled apparition? Apparently the glorious Isle of Mull has that effect on visitors.

For example, Paul Tattersall managed to take this picture which appears to show the physical presence of this infamous character, or was it simply a trick of the light or perhaps something to do with the fume laden ‘nip in the air’ within the Tobermory Distillery yard during a Scrutineering session?

Does anyone else have a suitable picture of this imaginary creature?

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