Thursday 30 November 2023

Rally - Whisky and Books

Perfection … The telephone rang. The voice was awfy familiar, but there were no yapping wee Corgi dugs in the background – so it couldn’t be ‘her’. However, it was indeed rallying royalty

“Hello, John. I’ve got just the very thing,” said the voice, “what better way to sit back, relax and read your books than having a wee dram in your hand to savour the taste while appreciating the content?

Of course, she’s right. And to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of her winning the 1990 FIA Ladies World Rally Championship, indeed the first Brit to win a world rallying title, Louise Aitken-Walker has launched her very own whisky brand.

But this is no ordinary whisky. This is not ‘drinking’ whisky, this is ‘sipping’ whisky. Unlike the traditional Highland or Lowland malts, Louise has opted for a rather special and exclusive grain whisky blend curated for her own personal taste.

It is also sumptuously packaged and available for us ordinary mortals to purchase, but with one proviso. There will be only 490 bottles and that number is already reducing.

To order a bottle (or two) don’t expect to pop into the garage at Duns and buy one when filling the car with petrol, do it on-line here:

Furthermore, it is whispered in learned whisky circles that this may be very similar to the nectar of the gods, primarily the ancient Scottish deity, Queen Beira herself, also known as the Guardian of the Life Force. And so it is fitting that this rather special and palate soothing potion will indeed provide the ideal accompaniment for those of you sitting back with a copy of ‘The Scottish Rally Championship 1980-1989’ and to make it last longer why not also buy a copy of ‘Knockhill, 50 Years of Racing’.

So get your chill-out kit here:




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