Tuesday 7 November 2023

Rally - Book launch success

Overwhelmed … surprised, delighted, extremely grateful and most definitely embarrassed. I really didn’t expect that folk would want their books signed. I always thought ‘book signings’ were for famous authors and sporting stars. Yes, I did have a pen with me, but that’s because I always carry a pen - and a notepad! Old habits die hard.

Last night exceeded any expectations I may have had. The Coltness Car Club monthly gatherings regularly attract 20 or 30 diehards and more, but last night the place was fair hoachin’ wi’ fowk from all over. Past and present rally champions, club members and visitors, from Elgin and Insch in the north to Duns and Dumfries in the south, gathered together in a bowling club tucked away in a wee village in Lanarkshire. What a motley gathering. My only complaint was I couldn’t get round them all to have word – I sat on my *rs* all night signing bluidy books!

I arrived ahead of schedule intending to put up some stakes and rally arrows to help guide the visitors but there was already a queue at the door! I don’t know how many folk were there, but the function suite seats 90 and there were lots of standing huddles as folk mixed and chatted, catching up with long lost friends and acquaintances.

But what a wonderful show of support with James Gibb, the book’s sponsor, even dropping in on the gathering, Malcolm and Robert all the way from Mabie and Fergus dropped by too, but was teacakeless!

Mind you, it was all due entirely to them that the book made it to the printers. My grateful thanks to 5 Star Vehicle Deliveries, Tunnock’s Bakeries, Dommy Buckley at RSC, Andrew Wood Motorsport and Pirelli, Molplant Construction, Mabie House Hotel, Royal Aero and of course the Scottish Rally Championship itself. Without them it simply wouldn’t have happened. And of course, a special thanks to Big Jim and The Bears for arranging the venue and allowing me to gatecrash their monthly gathering.

As for those who were’nt there I’ll let you know when the advert goes live on Ebay and possibly one other website which is currently being worked on.

What also might be of interest is the Veterans of Scottish Motorsport Assocation AGM and Dinner this Friday night the 10th of November at the Radstone Hotel. I have been allowed to attend the pre-dinner arrival to deliver some ordered books so if anyone else wants one while I’m there I’ll have a supply with me!

However, it looks as though there will be a cost. I might just have to join the Association -  even though I’m far too young for a ‘Veterans’ club.

Meanwhile I’ll get on with the Ebay and ordering arrangements – watch this space.

And finally, my most sincere thanks to all who attended last night, “you made my day!”

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