Sunday 11 June 2023

TT - Consolation

It would have been very satisfying to see Michael Dunlop equal Joey Dunlop’s incredible record on the Isle of Man TT races but it wasn’t to be. Peter Hickman proved that last year’s dominant performance was no fluke and the duo ended up with four wins apiece this week.

And after his final race win of the week, Hickman’s thoughts turned to the one rider who wouldn’t be going home. Kind of puts things in perspective, eh?

You have to feel for Dean Harrison, eh? Five 3rd places before he finally got a runner-up podium, and not a word of complaint or excuse was uttered. Other highlights included John McGuinness MBE, at 51 years of age, still fearless and still competitive and Connor Cummins getting out of his sick bed to climb aboard a motor cycle with Clive Padgett standing by him saying the bike is there for him when he’s ready – no thoughts of bringing in another rider. That’s team loyalty. And what of 32 year old Mike Browne? His first podium - and then denied his first win. And of course the Birchall brothers. What a pair, what a record.

So that’s it. All over for another year. Sun scorched tarmac, phenomenal speeds, records tumbling and searing competition and not an F1 motorhome, pit garage, prima donna or petted lip in sight. By comparison the TT riders are a bunch of plain-spoken, down to earth racers who are not afraid to get their finger nails dirty. On a more pleasing note it was good to see that the TV producers had resisted the urge to include sub-titles with Michael’s interviews. Gaun yersel Michael.

As for consolation? A gentle ride nearer home to ease the ‘couch potato’ saddle sores with a bike, a tea and a pie, or should that be a pie, a tea and a bike?

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