Friday 2 June 2023

On yer bike

According to the World Health Orgnisation, Saturday the 3rd of June is ‘World Cycling Day’. It must be so, as it has also been endorsed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Y’ken, that lot who circumnavigate the globe in a variety of airyplanes and private jets, just so they can meet up in swanky conference centres for photoshoots and have deep and meaningful discussions to dream up plans for the rest of us who are not part of that ‘suffusion cavalcade’ - posh words for ‘gravy train’!

Established in 2018, it is now an annual fixture on the 3rd of June each year as decreed by a UN General Assembly resolution spearheaded by the Government of Turkmenistan - World Bicycle Day recognises "the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle”.

The Jaggy Bunnet velocipede
So that’s alright then, they have recognised the bicycle. It has two wheels, a frame, handlebars and a saddle. Michty me, on that basis I can recognise a bicycle too. For sure I will no longer confuse a bicycle with an airyplane. Ain’t eddikation wonderful?

To celebrate this wondrous occasion, my big pal Jaggy will join me on a bike ride on the 3rd – just as soon as he can find a puncture repair outfit for his bike – pictured here. Jaggy of course is not in the foties as he’s away tae Halfords.

And so after a weekend of wheeching about the Berwickshire lanes at high speed, perhaps it’s time for us all to get on wur bikes! Happy pedalling - and peching, wheezing and grunting.

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