Monday 20 March 2023

Happy days?

If anyone receives any strange or unexpected email messages from me, please be careful. If in any doubt at all, delete them.

Some time whilst in hospital/recuperating at home, my email was hacked and my email InBox completely cleaned out. The hacker who claimed to be responsible asked for some Bitcoin and the Inbox would be restored. What an eedjit. Where the heck would I get some Bitcoin? Needless to say the demand was ignored.

The matter has been reported to ‘Action Fraud’. The police have assured me that action will be taken, but they will not keep me informed of progress. Very helpful, eh?  Virgin Media have said they may take up to 28 days to resolve the problem. That’s very helpful too, eh? At least my email has been restored but not the stolen Inbox messages.

Although my email is now functioning again, I have nothing at all prior to last Saturday so if you emailed me recently and expected a response, I am not ignoring you!

The hacker’s message was composed in poor English with bad grammar so it’s likely that the scam originated abroad, or maybe came from some recent graduate of the Scottish education system - a system which incidentally once led the world in its quality of education! Sadly no longer.

Anyway, that’s enough politics, so please be careful if you get any strange emails. Meanwhile I’m off down to the Bank to get some Bitcoin – just in case!

Meantime, recuperation is going well so please also be careful if you venture into the woods in the near future. You might bump into an unexpected rally spectator.

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