Monday 30 January 2023

Rally - The Book!

On the 19th Jan, Facebook ‘disabled’ my public account with no explanation. So far nil response despite repeated attempts to make contact. Oh, for the days of being able to telephone a human being and have a chat!! On that basis keep an eye on this Blog at –

For those who don’t know, work on ‘the book’ is well underway. The first draft of the history of the ‘Scottish Rally Championship 1980-1989’ is being passed to the proof reader tomorrow.

This will be followed by the next one covering 1990-1999 and then another for the 2000s decade and 2010s decade. At that point work will concentrate on the two books covering the 1960s and 1970s as there has never been a concerted effort this side of the border to document this national 60+ year old motor sporting championship – and that’s why this first book will start with the 1980s!

At some point I will make a list of what’s missing from those earlier decades and see if anyone out there has lists of results from past events stashed away in dusty attics or cobwebbed cellars. Please don’t chuck anything out!

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