Friday 1 December 2017

Rally - Wiring Tools

Considering the number of times I have encountered rally crews with 'wiring problems' especially when it gets damp - and it gets damp a lot in this country, very damp - I thought this latest offering from Laser Tools might be of interest to the hands-on DIY brigade.

This ratchet crimping tool (part number 7002) from Laser Tools is supplied with two die-heads, an H2 size for 22-20 and 16 AWG(0.35-0.5²mm & 1.5²mm) wiring and an H3 sized head for 17 to 18 AWG (0.75²mm and 1.0²mm). The Assorted Automotive Electric Supaseal Connector kit comes from Connect Consumables (part number 37225).

Once the terminals are crimped they are pushed into the appropriate connector and locked in place with locking tabs. In the Connect Consumables connector kit a selection of 1 pin, 2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin, 5 pin and 6 pin male and female connectors are supplied, together with the yellow wire seals and the terminal locking tabs. When the male and female connectors are pressed together the result is a professional, moisture-resistant connection that conforms to the RoHS specification. And what better place to test their damp-proofing than a sodden bluidy wet service area in the middle of nowhere.

The 7002 ratchet crimping tool is typically priced at £94.49; the 37225 connector kit is £95.64 (incl VAT). Top up blister packs of the connectors and terminals are available. Look for them at your usual auto Parts stockist.

Note: I am not an agent of Laser Tools nor am I being paid to promote this - just thought it might be of interest, cos it is to me!

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