Saturday, 23 July 2016

Rally - From the archive

My previous post was written just a wee bit tongue in cheek as I will continue to provide longer and more comprehensive rally reports than anyone else, but what I was getting at was the fact that many more folk read the 'News & Gossip' bits than read the main reports.

Which begs the question, is there an appetite for rallying's version of 'Hello' or 'OK' magazines? Should I ask Piers Morgan to contribute some insightful and tasteless material? Should I introduce an article on  hand care and recommend skin cream (I use Nivea Vital Multi Active Anti-Age Day Cream with natural Soy Extract myself!) for those ill-treated, calloused and tool-worn, Swarfega and cold water rinsed service crew hands? Do we need a regular photographic feature on rally drivers pictured in various home/garage settings wearing different designer labels from their wardrobes, do you prefer Alpinestars to Sparco? And what about teeth whitening kits? Synthetic or two-pack? Or should we indulge in celebrity 'scratch and sniff' pics as portrayed by German football coach Joachim Löw? Or maybe not, our lot could put the footballers to shame.

Speaking of drivers, here's a couple of pics I came across while looking for summat else. The majority of you will get the 'who' - but will you get the 'when' and 'where'? And if you get these right, I've got another I'm holding back till I decide whether to publish or not. I could get into awfy trouble if I do.

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