Friday 22 January 2016

Rally - More from GoRally

It's a brave, or silly, man who turns his back on Jock Armstrong but intrepid interviewer Stewart Weir shows no fear in pursuit of the soundbite and we'll be able to see and hear from all three of them at the GoRally night at Newbridge on 4th Feb. 

Both Euan Thorburn and Jock Armstrong have agreed to appear on the night and are willing to talk to allcomers about starting rallying and their progression through the sport. And speaking of progression, young Andy Struthers is another who has agreed to attend on the night to chat about the 14-17 year old Junior 1000 series and his next step up to the Citroen C2 Ecosse Challenge.

For those of you who are too shy to ask, Stewart will be engaging with Euan, Jock and Andy plus others yet to be announced during the course of the evening. But no-one needs to be shy, the GoRally night will provide a unique chance to find out all you need to know about taking up the sport.

So if you do know of anyone who wants to get started in rallying or wants to find out more from the horsepower's mouth so to speak, then you know where to come on Thursday 4th Feb. Please spread the word either by telephone, telegraph or tellawoman!

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