Monday, 11 January 2016

Rally - GoRally night

If you know nowt about rallying, then here's your chance to find out. On Thursday evening the 4th of February there will be a star-studded gathering of rally drivers and co-drivers (well, as close as you'll get to that up here!) to quiz and interview, and a glittering array of rally cars (the mud will have been hosed off!) to peruse and inspect at Newbridge just outside Edinburgh. And it's all for FREE.

Hosted by the 'Scottish Association of Car Clubs' this unique event is being aimed squarely at those who are interested but don't know where to start. So if you have a relative, friend, colleague or neighbour who would like to get involved in the sport, or if you are attracted to the sport having seen it on TV or played it on a games console then here's your chance to get ALL the info at one location, for one night only, and it's all perfectly FREE.

And you can blame this lot, John Cleland and Pete Weall from the SACC, Rory Bryant from SMS and SMRC's Mike Howe.

Full details here. By all means share this and share the link. If rallying is to survive it needs to attract new participants.

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