Friday, 13 November 2015

Rally Wales GB

Unfortunately I will not be attending this year’s Rally Wales GB due to circumstances outwith my control. So there will be no daily update on how the Scots are doing as was done last year. I was due to travel down yesterday, but it’s not going to happen. If you were looking forward to coverage then I apologise. However, I will try to report from afar!

In preparation for this year’s event I came across a set of Roadbooks from the 1980 Lombard RAC Rally. And if you think modern WRC events are long, tough and arduous, think back to a time when Service Crews were mobile and carried their own team’s tyres and fuel. There were no tarpaulins or eazi-ups and no H&S guidelines about what you could do and where, or how much time you could spend at the wheel. There were no mobile phones and rally crews had to decide whether to carry one or two spare wheels, a few spares and a tool roll.

The 1980 event started in Bath at 9.00 am on Sunday morning the 16th of November and after 37 stages totalling 228 miles stopped for an overnight halt at Windermere late on Monday evening the 17th.

The second Leg started at 11.00 am on Tuesday morning the 18th and rolled into the finish at Bath mid afternoon on Wednesday the 19th after another 33 stages totalling 213.4 miles.

Included in that list of stages were a 33 mile Dalby test, 19.6 mile Kielder Water, 21.9 mile Bewshaugh and a 22.7 mile Hafren stage. So if any of today’s top stars complain about conditions, just show them this.

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