Tuesday 9 January 2024

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It’s not just cars, vans and trucks that are benefitting from new construction materials and manufacturing techniques, the accessory firms are at it too – with prices to match!

Brian James Trailers has just announced a new lightweight enclosed trailer. Their new Race Transporter 7 (RT7) is some 200kg lighter than the equivalent-sized Race Transporter 6 (RT6), providing a higher load capacity to carry heavier vehicles.

The weight limit for towing in the UK is still just 3.5 tonnes (3500 kg), including the trailer, so every little helps.

The new trailer is available in tri-axle or twin-axle mode with extra height versions available as an optional upgrade, too.

Prices start from £25,500 plus VAT, and the largest models with all options selected are close to £40,000.

The RT7 boasts an industry-first electric actuator with wireless remote control that operates the rear door and tilt bed, and removes the need for manual handling.

The trailer features bright LED lighting, including the rear, front and side, and side-mounted reversing lights. Automatic rear loading lights come on when the back door opens. The standard specification includes all this, plus full-length interior strip lighting. The interior lighting can be switched to be powered from the onboard 12V battery or the tow vehicle.

The onboard battery powers the rear door actuator, electric tilt-bed actuator, electric winch and the interior lighting. All of which is standard equipment. The battery comes with a charger, Bluetooth connectivity to view the current charge from your phone and a visible LED indicator to ensure that battery charge levels are always known.

A new electric winch with synthetic rope and wireless operation is lighter and less damaging to hands and bodywork than traditional steel wire. The winch can also be upgraded to a 9,500lb version as a factory-fit upgrade.

The new trailer will make its debut at the Autosport International Show at the NEC from the 11th to the 14th January if you want to see it for yourself.

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