Friday 21 July 2023

Rally - Malle Rally Special

Got a wee shock when I saw this headline on a press release today, but I mis-read it. At first glance I thought it proclaimed ‘Mull Rally Special’ but it’s not! Apparently this is a special edition Morgan three wheeler sports car as the company has teamed up with an upmarket clothing and travel accessory company called Malle London.

The collaboration has resulted in the Morgan Super 3 Malle Rally Special complete with the full Driver’s Collection of Morgan and Malle apparel and accessories, and also includes entry into one of the future Malle rally events, in Great Britain, the Alps or into the Arctic.

These rallies include The Great Malle Rally in the UK, The Great Malle Mountain Rally in Europe and the forthcoming Great Malle Arctic Rally. At 1500 miles, the UK rally is the longest motorcycle rally in the country while the European adventure crosses the entire Alps mountain range in a 1,500 mile route from Austria to Monaco, taking in some of the highest drivable roads in Europe.

The special model features a list of options which include USB charging points, lockable storage, Beeline navigation system, rear luggage rack, LED headlights, footwell lighting and cupholder and considering its rally ambitions, what I would regard as two ‘essentials’ - heated seats!

Having said that, the 1.5 litre, three cylinder Morgan is no slouch. It produces 118 bhp and weighs just 635 kgs which enables a nought to 60 mph time of around 7 seconds and top speed of 130 mph.

Naturally, this being just a press release there is no mention of cost but a quick look at the website reveals that a ‘standard’ Super 3 can be put on the road for a shade over £43,000 – and then there is a list of options which would embarrass a Rolls Royce dealer!

Which begs the question, would they allow me to ‘test’ one on the genuine Mull Rally?

( Photography by Tom Kahler and Shane Benson )

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